Bienal de Curitiba "Vibrations: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition "

Curator: Fang Zhenning, Liu Chunfeng

Duration: 2017.9.30 - 2018.2.25

Address: The Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Vibrations is the title of the contemporary art exhibit of China, this Biennial’s honored country. Such exhibit confronts Beyond photography¸ integrated by Latin-America’s Southern Cone artists; as such, the curatorship reinforces the position of extreme geographical points, diametrically opposed. This radical alterity is treated through a diversity-driven approach. Art has the capacity of creating bonds and plotting diagrams between the furthest cultures and places: image is quintessentially a device capable of uniting differing points, distant from each other, and then tracing with them different constellations of meaning. Contemporary diversity reinforces itself through the binding of zones, symbolic worlds and opposing situations that coincide without putting in risk their identities. Taking on diversity thus allows for resuming the idea of universality that, in contrast with globalization’s homogenizing tendency, feeds from the particular differences around confrontation axles, crossing and coincidence.


The Chinese art exhibit treats contemporary diversity not only through opposed cartographic positions, but also from a plurality of sensibilities and generational subcultures: the exhibit displays works of young artists that position themselves before the contemporary universal in tension with many local traditions and experiences.