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Huan Zhong - Nature Follows Abstraction

Curator: Yuling Zhang

Artists: Ge Ziyu, Ju Anqi, Li Xiangyang, Liu Gang, Liu Shuang, Meng Luding, Tim Crowley, Wang Guangxu, Xie Guixiang, Xu Qu, Yu Youhan, Zhao Yao, Zhang Huairu and Studio HVN

Duration: 2017.8.3 - 9.22

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 19:00

Address: KWM Art Center

KWM artcenter is  presenting “Huan Zhong - Nature follows Abstraction”, a group exhibition of 14 artists including EGG Gallery's collaborative artists Geziyu and Liushuang running from 3 August to 22 September 2017.


This exhibition title derives from the 4th century B.C. philosopher Zhuang Zi’s concept of ‘Huan Zhong’ in his essay ‘On levelling all things”. ‘Huang Zhong’ refers to the space within a circle. The circle represents the realistic world, while the space refers to the abstract and intangible. Zhuang Zi believed that the “essential” can be attained only when one investigates “Huan Zhong”. If one understands ‘Huang Zhong’ then one can understand nature better. Through committing to abstraction, can an artist have a better understanding of nature? In Showtime’s 2017 television series Billions, Asia Kate Dillon’s gender non - binary character Taylor Mason logically concludes ‘nature follows abstraction’ while explaining the predictability of a stock market transaction. This statement seemed to be a perfect co-title encapsulating how we contemplate the nature of abstract image making in the early 21st century.


For Ge Ziyu, the process of creating is a spiritual practice, he is obsessed with the pure language of art, exploring the boundaries of space and planar dimensions. He tries to overcome the boundaries of the ambiguous infinite physical and virtual spaces by investigating the laws of colors.


It's an illusionary object which transcends the realistic space.  As light penetrates the interface, the interplay between reflection and transparency distorts the boundary of reality. The images are constantly reacting to its surrounding. A space which stimulates activities as we wonder back into our memories of space, time, people, nature. The existence and imagination of audiences are part of the artistic works which co-creates the space. Meet here and now, between a physical and non-physical reality. If all illusion is a reality, what you see is what you get.

- Liu Shuang