Founded in 2013.

Doomed, Tokyo Gallery+ BTAP, Beijing, China

COLDRUSH, EGG Gallery, Beijing, China


Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China

The Spring Season Art Show of COLD INK: FACING PAPER, Ying Gallery, Beijing, China

BLACK MEASURE, Curator Park 22nd Street Art Plaza, Beijing, China


The 3rd Art Show of Cold Ink Art – Coming out of the closet- One Exorcism Ceremony, TOKYO Gallery +BTAP, Beijing, China

ON THE ROAD – Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists Works & Forum of Young Art Critics, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

VIGOROUS FORCE – An Avant-Garde AND Experimental Movement of Wash Painting,

  - Part I: The Sword of Damocles: To Stab Into the Limits, Jin Du Art Center, Beijing China

Part II: Super Virus to Spread Without Control, Ying Gallery, Beijing China

The 2nd Art Show of Cold Ink Art: INK MATTERS? Parkview Green Gallery, Beijing, China


After Arthur C Danto, where will we go? Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

The 1st Art Show of Cold Ink Art, Parkview Green Gallery, Beijing, China



DSL, France

Prince Kung’s Mansion

Guan Shanyue Art Museum