1= ∞
1= ∞
Curator: Yin Yan
Artist: Ge Ziyu

Ge Ziyu’s work easily reminds us of the theory of spatial dimensions, some may simply determine that his work is a continuation of Op Art-a creation of optical illusions. However, Ge sees his works as a “same yet different”, it is the recognition of the universe in Taoism, that creates endless changes by replicating the noumenon. While on one hand Ge’s works seem greatly industrial, actualized by precise calculation; on the other hand the works were polished and painted by artist’s own hands. Ge Ziyu well controls the dimension of space with his sense of experience, and art creation has become a self-cultivation. Also, Ge was trying to break or blur the boundary between the material space and the virtual space by refining the rules and attributions of color in material space. In my opinion, Ge uses painting and materials to build a space for “creations out of the blue”, committed to emphasize the relationship between the art works and the audiences. The works also reflect Ge’s thoughts in visual problems.