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Curator: Tan Zhuo
Artist: Liu Buhua | Li Tingwei
Excess, insufficient.
Too high, too low.

Too light, too heavy.

When approaching equilibrium, there is eithera “greater than”-mark (>), or a “smaller than”-mark (<).

The middle ground is a kind of expectation, an ideal, a hypothesis. Subject to catalysis by time, do we comprehend the empty space of “not a lot, not a little”?

Everyone looks for balance. People are eternally pendant, always “in the course of”. Our meetings with equilibrium are so brief, that they barely seem to exist.

Optimal conservation is nothing more than movement, change, trial.

Using pure computational and mathematical methods in her approach of colors, shapes, surface area, height and angles, artist Liu Buhua utilizes visual weight units to redefine the rapport between the abstract notions of rationality and emotional sensibility. When various entities rotate and collide, this action’s rational outcome yields and sets free emotionality. In turn, Li Tingwei uses the information of objects and graphic works to create a tiny, immersive space, allowing spectators to confront their self-generated feelings (such as anxiety, frustration, braggadocio/self-praise, shame), and undergo indescribable emotions. This in turn generates pressures brought about by the monotonous, simplified communication and compulsive perfectionism that prevail in the information age.

As one artist shifts from emotional art works to analysis and calculation, the other goes from cool, abstractionist geometric shapes to exploring sentiment and healing. The selection of art works in this exhibition reflects the harmonious differences between these female artists: Liu Buhua’s works are suspended from the ceiling, drooping downward, not allowed to be touched; Li Tingwei’s works on the other hand are all ground-based and engage in direct interaction with the spectator. Their works encounter one another at unintended points of intersection, from which they slowly depart along their respective trajectories. This exhibition is co-curated by actress Tan Zhuo, who amid the equilibrium of these two intertwining artists gives a three-dimensional presentation of this exhibition from an onlooker’s perspective. During the exhibition vernissage, both artists will also debut their first collaborative ludic performance.