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Curator: Ru Jie
Artists: Chu Fengrui Hu Yan | Liao Zhanyu | Ouyang Sulong

Assuming that a "passage" doesn't always lead toward some ending point of a pathway of truth, it refers at the very least to an ever-expanding time-span of exploratory behavior. A new orderliness comes into being at either end of the passage undertaken in the long and winding Odyssean quest. At some point on the cusp of "past" and "future", overlap and collision will take place.


In the exhibit Passage, four artists come together in a present-day creational state. They each represent a youthful voice and viewpoint as they stand on different, seemingly non-intersecting artistic precipices, nevertheless adopting similarly innovative attitudes from which they peer at one another. They all start off from their very own accomplished approach, but their respective routes finally converge in a single point, i.e. the meticulous dissection of the concepts of "space" and "time", among others topics. In the remote journey that is artistic creation, the artists employ their own passageways to expound on similar topics. It's precisely the thoughts and inquiries hatched from these passageways that allow us to move forward imperturbably & with a sense of direction.