Curator: Duan Shaofeng

Artists: Ge Ziyu | Jiang Chuan | Kong Lingxin | Liu Buhua | Li Tingwei | Su Yi 

          | Zhao Yanfeng

Prior to this exhibit we had plans to organize an abstract painting show. However, through our exchanges with the artists we discovered that both abstract painting and so-called figurative painting in the end are equally concerned with objective phenomena. Abstractly rendered light and color are in themselves objectively present. Yet despite being very real, they are unfathomable. Figurative art is also often based on the same manifestations of color and light. However if we were to truly aspire to depict light and color in their ultimate forms, this would be a tricky undertaking. Hence, the artworks in this show can be seen as actually making use of figurative realistic qualities to present a kind of abstract external presence.

Beauty does not reside exclusively in the visual realm. In most cases an additional, indescribable sensation is involved in the equation. If we were to summarize the subtleties of these paintings, the visual beauty and that of feeling would form an integral whole.If there is light, there is color. Most of the artists in this exhibit are devoted to the search for such a sensation of pure light, as well as the boundaries between brightness and shade created by light, and those between colors. A peculiar state of creation arises from this process of searching for boundaries. After several exchanges with the artists, O.C.D. became a generally accepted condition. This shifted the ultimate problematic from the finished artwork back to the artist himself. Art should be a process of which the artwork is merely a result. Oftentimes this process gets easily neglected in art exhibits. The three abstractly significant letters forming the abbreviation “O.C.D.” (short for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”) are a summary of the abovementioned condition by which artists are inflicted. Hence, in this show we don’t just get to see abstractly rendered artworks, but rather the artists’ ineffable creational process made abstract.

A prime characteristic of O.C.D. is the simultaneous manifestation of conscious self-compulsion and conscious anti-compulsion of the self. People who display such behavior know perfectly well that despite the senselessness and irrationality of sustained symptoms of compulsive behavior, they keep appearing and are unable to be suppressed. The harder one tries to suppress them, the more anxious and vexed one feels.

Gerhard Richter once said: “Art creates perception, then bestows images on it.” Departing from this subtle entry point, this exhibit aspires to raise a twofold discussion about how the artist envisions the boundaries between color and lighting, and between the notions of figurative and abstract.