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Bits and Bobs


Curator : Ru Jie

Artists : Tingwei Li | Zifeng Li

To me, painting is the visualization of a way of thinking. Through systematization and logic, my works take shapes as their main subjects. These shapes, though almost identical, reveal subtle differences, especially in terms of the relations formed between surfaces and lines. I make frequent use of the theories underpinning “Taoism” (originating from the Chinese word “Dao”). It involves the contemplation of the center, equilibrium, cyclicality, simplicity, abstention, belonging, among various other notions. As is the case with “Yin and Yang”, a mutual interdependence exists between color contrast and the balance that arises from it on canvas.

My works are not absolutely abstract in the sense that they are abstracted from reality. Rather, they are real within their own terms. I do not attempt to create a new world, nor am I trying to document anything. I am dealing with reality.

-Tingwei Li