骖雁行 poster-_1
Geese Fly in Formation
Curator: Dai Zhuoqun
Artists: Wang Xingjie Zhang Xin Zhengqiang

Goose fly in formation, it is a phrase comes from China ancient hymns <Songs, Zhengfeng, Dashuyutian>, these three artists are companies to each other. Like one of the famous calligrapher  Wang said, “The glory characters in my calligraphy and Zhong Yao, while to Zhang Zhi, he is my soul mate.”-<Jin, a biography of Wang Xizhi>, as a humble saying of his art in comparing of Zhong Yao.


Wang Xinjie, Zhang Xin and Zheng Qiang are very different artist, in the framework of their art, they coincidently all developed a characters of realistic styling from the figure. Throughout a continuing subjective reconstruction of the picture, they create a meaning space of blurring and muti-interruptive. The context and form of artworks build up a platform and outlining the exhibition.   

The language of Wang’s art is wild and simple, he hold the certain passion of the academy style and aesthetic and stick to this conservative old-school method, as a holding attitude toward the nowadays trending. Zhang Xin’s paintings are more interested in the everyday objects, they construct the opinions toward everyday lives and transmit the emotion, The objects stand themselves and become the bonding of the artist. Zheng Qiang’s paintings are the artworks of vision and passion of human mind, it seems to intervene the audiences’ spirit and awareness, appearing a pushing and insecurity environment implying the reviewing position of the audiences.