Material From the Heart 
Curator: Jiang Fei
Artists: Dagmar Pankova (Czech)| Du Meng | JIang Fei | Li Feng                       | Li Jing | Li Qian | Luan Bo | Luo Xiaoshu | Qin Ling
          | Wang Qin | Yang Meihua | Zhou Gang | Zhu Liyue
Things from the heart, heart turn habitats, This is a supreme realm. Creative is the perfect blend of substance and heart. Chances in heart affects the way people regard things and angle, Artists presented the unique language through the substance in the creative arts, and endue it “life”.
The aims of the exhibition is different materials in the field of artists to interpret a form of expression of the heart through the ceramic\ glass\ metal and other materials, show us the hands of beauty, the beauty of life.