Curator: Ru Jie
Artists: Pamela See (Australia) | Zhao Yanfeng
A great deal of patience and insightis required to get to the bottom of Zhao Yanfeng’spaintings. Initial perusal of his works may leave the viewer thinking that the artist spendshis time and paint pigments mimickingready-madeobjectssuch asa woolen blanket, animal hidesoranintimate, worn-out piece of textile. The significance of these objects seems questionable at first. However, adhering to Christian belief, the artist actually drew inspiration from the nail-inflicted puncture marks in Jesus’ hands and feet for a series of works entitled “Pinned Rose”, “Skin Allure” and “Sky Net”. It’s as if the scenes he depicts let us experience Jesus’ wounds, agony and bloodshed. In the same vein, the viewer is asked to reflect on and explore the existentiality of his/her own life.
Pamela See (XUE Meiling) is an overseas Chinese female artist hailing from Australia. She currently resides and makes art in her home of Melbourne. She has been studying andclosely observing the history, culture and everyday dribs and drabs of China. She has cleverly managed to modernize the traditional craft of Chinese paper cutting. Replacing manual cutting skills with laser cutting and paper with stainless steel, two-dimensional Chinese paper creations are transformed into vivid, three-dimensional sculptures. The artist aims to puncture the superficial marks of China’s economy as well as the symbols of domination prevalent throughout the various Chinese dynasties, through her depictionsof textile assembly lines and the gates of Heaven. In doing so, she implicitly reveals the dual ecological pollution inflicted on material life and the environment, a major concern of present-day China.