Zhang Lun & Zhao Yanfeng – Joint Exhibition
Curator: Ru Jie
Artists: Zhang Lun | Zhao Yanfeng
The art of Zhang Lun is an original interpretation of abstract painting: he uses large swathes of colors and a terse and concise language to convey a pure yet experienced vision of world. His long enquiry on human life and pursue of truth permeate the series of paintings “Language and Soul”: these works express the awakening of the author to the mysteries of life, love, truth.
The young artist Zhao Yanfeng has created a series of refreshingly original paintings called “Rui La Si Ding”, which can be translated as “flower’s pistils and nails”. On the canvas, thousands of nails’ like pistils are regularly and repeatedly painted to create a thickly concentrated forest of symbols. It might be the artist ancestral fear of forest and dark, but also the wounds to the soul caused by the horrors of life and society. The works exhibited here range from the fright of black forest to the brightness of gorgeous cherry blossoms, but all carry the same combined feeling of pain and stimulation.