Gazing Again
Curator: Ru Jie
Artist: Alain Urrutia(Spain)
Spanish artist Alain Urrutia’s interest in daily life makes his art have a kind of provocation, which is concerned about the expression of the limit. To form the typical scenes of everyday life from the objects of artistic re-examination helps certain moments without any predetermined subjects gain more aesthetic value. The realistic art style and views with new perspectives, or the use of fuzzy focusing technique and the limited range of colors have characterized Alain’s paintings by revelation. The fantastic imagination he employs strays far from the indifference of the photographic elements in the photos which record daily life scenes. Thanks to all of this, the invisible parts of his paintings become a more powerful, and expressive approach towards visible objects. His artwork contains eternality and uncertainties because what he wants is not to represent but to express a visible mystery.
All the artworks showed here should be comprehended through two aspects. On the one hand, these are all his artwork up to now, and on the other, it is about the research into images through some fragments and disappeared descriptions, breaking away from the first impression of the scenes in sight to analysis, restate and define the original scenes.
At any time, Alain Urrutia’s paintings are not mere a kind of technique, but an idea. His using of colors is acted as cryptomorphic processing, or to inherit the concepts of the art history. His art reveals these deleted images and the endless uncompleted stories via complicated process in order to change another reality.