Cardiogram - Liao Jianhua Solo Exhibition
Curator: Ru Jie
Artist: Liao Jianhua
In 2008,through Catharsis exhibition,I tried to explore the “daily” “heart combing”method of artists as ordinary people. In In the World,Zhuang Zi said that it is easy for man not to walk but it is difficult to walk without leaving traces. We are living in the boundless universe, it is impossible for us not to be disturbed. If the “heart” is disturbed, moved, wrinkled, dizzy, confused, or even broken, we need not fear this. The important thing is to “return to the original state”. Therefore,using different methods to take out heart to keep it clean and bright,has become the indispensable need of mankind with “ideas”. This is what I call“Catharsis”. “Catharsis” is needed by every person using heart but we could use different methods. Modern life is far from nature, mankind is more and more lost and fragile,heart is easily incantated by various temptations. Of course,“Catharsis”does not necessarily mean consciously practicing a religion. Art is an important part of the daily life of artists, art could be an ideal, a pursuit, why could not it be a “combing of heart”, “to relieve one’s heart of incantation”?
In this sense,I feel that Liao Jianhua is excellent in practising “Daily Art Dhyana”. Apart form catching“ideas” in time,simplyfying them into“concepts and images”,his works also require indomitable spirit and continuous perseverance. This is the most important and what I admire the most. If in this way one could not only live with heart in peace, but also express feelings in art, isn’t it the most pleasant way?