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Curator: Ru Jie
Artists: Chen Lu | Cong Lingqi | Niu Maolin | Ouyang Sulong
         | Sun Jiaxin | Tang Yuhan | Wang Su | Wu Di | Zhang Suijia 
         | Zhu Yu
The “Jian” can combine with lots of other chinese characters to form new meanings like middle, between, without interruption, the world, sow distrust, space, instantaneous, time, interruption, clearance, interval and spacing...
Artworks selected in this group exhibition embody the meaning of the “Jian” from different angles... ... These contemporary young chinese artists laid out their works through the observation and analysis of history, nature, culture, religion and society, combined with their personal experience and thoughts. All these materials stimulate our thinking and awakening. Installation, deconstruction of installation, integrated photograph and installation , new materials painting, are all highlighted in this exhibition. The interaction with each work, will develop a new meaning of  the word “Jian”.