CuratorRu Jie
Artists: Jiang Peiyuan | Liu Shuang | Ma Shengzhe | Wan Yi
The end of the year is upon us, and for the last exhibition of 2016 we chose to present a number of joyful and spectacular multi-media artworks in spirit with the holiday celebrations. Jiang Peiyuan’s oversea studies experience in the U.K comes through in the poignant British humor, the subversion and destruction of the subject of his work. For this series, the artist takes the appropriation of art historical icons such as Hans Holbein and Peter Paul Rubens as his point of departure, and through various means he re-examines these classical imageries by cutting, enlarging, reprinting, painting existing images, and using mechanical equipment to replace the paintbrush or carving knives for image production, thereby transforms the master’s epic works into unique style of graffiti-esque abstract expressionist works of art. Liu Shuang adopts the principle of the mirror image to produce a translucent and reflexive house of wonders. In this space, one sees oneself and what’s outside of the house, while the external viewer merges with the internal to produce an overlapping and distorted phenomenon. This is a spiritual abode beyond reality where the viewer is invited to reflect upon reality and illusion. Wan Yi’s images installation consists of collage of paper cut anime dolls ambiguously portrayed every young girl’s inner troubles in her adolescence. In sense of insecurity, the desires and torment in the heart of her youthful self cannot shrug off those nagging nightmares, the artist searches for a spiritual emancipation and healing through making art. Ma Shengzhe exacerbates the operation of a computer in order to produce garbled visual effects, in which he extracts and reproduces the vernacular of these images into his own. His works are inspired by the artist’s inner world based on computer technology and a virtual world of the digital.