Zhang Zhaoying
Haoran dialogue with Zhang Zhaoying: Art is an 
addition game
Luo Zhongli Scholarship investigation two
2013-11-25 18:10:20 Source: Artron special report  author:
Liu Qian
At November 18, 2013, five winners of Luo Zhongli Scholarship and their artworks finally revealed. Works include installation artwork “dislocation and alienation” by Cai Yuanhe from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, installation artwork “Eggs & Stone” by Yanghong from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, installation artwork “the Feast of Titan” by Zhang Zhaoying from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Printmaking artwork “Wedding” by Li Huan from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and video installation work “…” by Dong Lulu and Zhou Wenhua from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
Key Words:
Zhang Zhaoying Luo Zhongli scholarship
This result is obviously different from the 1st Luo Zhongli
Scholarship in 2006. Through eight years` selection and
develop, winning entries have a dramatic transition from the
initial easel painting to integrate creation. This is the main
topic of Luo Zhongli Scholarship which has been discussed in these two or three years during initial evaluation and the final assessment.
Qiu Haoran: Zhaoying, your work “the Feast of Titan”
completed a reproducing of scene. Many judges found there
are plenty of elements in this work when they looked at it. On the positive side, those elements have a certain probability
with your ambition; On another side, we feel a little bit
confused and vague. We want to know, from your point of
view, what is the logic and think from this work with the 
combination of different elements. Whether the logic and 
inverse logic exist or not?
Zhang Zhaoying: I think many contemporary artists prefer a
clean relationship which I think is like a subtraction game. But I do find that this is an addition game which may has a new
possibility. I have been keen on drama and stage arts. To be
honest, I produced the whole scenario for a live performance but unfortunately, there is no way to put actors in. So I
reorganised the theatre atmosphere.
In fact, the theatre is a form of art which has abundant
expression than oil painting and video. I think we are
experiencing a great need to explore a new way about the theatre arts. Of course, some artists also try to combine stage
with fine arts nowadays. It is a possibility for me to complete
the process of narrative and new creation as well. For me, the more chaotic scene is more clean because I think clean thing
is filled with theoretical and methodological content. I`m
worried about such methodology or our inherent tabbed art
will restrict my development. Sometimes, I cherish this kind
of richness.
Win Share Art Museum Zhang Daxing
Recently, After the serious air pollution in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangzhou and other cities, Chengdu unfortunately also
become one of them. Such as the bitter dispute focuses on
Chinese contemporary culture and contemporary art
experience which generated by the Intellectual circles, Chinese contemporary art is no longer a optimistic prospects after 30
years` development.
However, we all said that Chinese contemporary art made ​​
tremendous contributions to the progress of our social culture and generated many masterpieces, even immortal works in the past 30 years. Today, history might have entered a critical
period again. Such difficult and heavily polluted environment forcing us to look for another future direction and provoking
indignant feelings.
Zhang Zhaoying, who restless of transitional teaching from
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, was the first prize winner of Win
Share Art Scholarship in 2011. His works through the use of
different media show the game of living environment,
experience of living conditions and participatory of social
environment. Such as the unreal darkness in “Life! Life? “
series of works, we can perceive maybe our daily life starts
from the darkness. Feasting, impetuous and materialistic 
atmosphere have been lead to mental malformations.To
reflect the state of human existence from the reality, is what
he tries to tell us. We all the participants.