1962   Born in Shanghai
                  1983   Graduated from the Shanghai Art and Design School
                  1989   Graduated from Central Academy of Arts & Design Beijing
                            ( now the Art Academy at Tsinghua University )
                  1990   Moved to New York
                  2006   Returned to China and established his studio in Beijing
                            He currently lives and works as a free artist in Beijing


                   Form & Posture , 1618 Gallery, Shenzhen     
                   Impromptu & Repeating, Museum Angerlehner, Austria     
       FENG LIANGHONG Solo, The Independent space of
       MASS MoCA,
       Massachusetts, USA
                   Abstract Paintings by  FENGLIANGHONG Inside-Out
                   Art Museum, Beijing
                   FNEG LIANGHONG Solo  Cynthia-Reeves, New
                   Hanpton, USA
                   It is not the Eternal TAO: Abstract Paintings of
                   FENG LIANGHONG,White Box Museum of Art,Beijing
                   Colours & brush stroke  Matthias Kuper Gallery Beijing
                   Solo Exhibition in Cynthia-Reeves Gallery, New York
                   FENG LIANGHONG’s Work, TRA Gallery Beijing
                   Beyond Calligraphy and Graffiti, Gallery 456, New York
                   Select Group Show
                   Alchemica Dissent: Silkworms, Mushrooms and Random Brush
                   Strokes,Times Art Museum,Beijing
                   Since Abstract — The Research Exhibition of Abatract Art in China,
                   Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
                   Early Works,Yuan Art Museum, Beijing 
                   Summer, Ying Gallery, Beijing 
                   Serenite, 798 Permanence Gallery, Beijing 
                   Beyond Form: An Exhibition of Abstract art in China, Inside-Out
                   Art Museum, Beijing 
                   The Research Exhibition of Abstract Art in China,
                   Today Art Museum, Beijing
                   Beyond Form: An Exhibition of Abstract Art in China, Epoch Art
                   Before It All Start, Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai 
                   Chinese National Grand Theatre collection. Chinese National
                   theatre gallery. Beijing 
                   Renaissance of Immortality – Contemporary Art from China,
                   Museum Angerlehner Vienna, Austria 
                   Swatch Faces Venice Biennale 2015, Italy
                   Face & Traces, The Swatch Art Center, Shanghai     
                   Draw – Mapping Madness, Inside-out Art Museum, Beijing
                   Being Entangled with Paper, Star Gallery, Beijing
                   Essence.  Ying Gallery Beijing 
                   Dimunden of Dialogue.Halcyon Gallery Shanghai
                   Shuffling the Cards: The 2rd Round Chinese Contemporary Art
                   Reloaded Hipphalle. Austria
                   Inside Out 2012, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing
                   Shuffling the Cards: The 1st Round Chinese Contemporary Art Reloaded,
                   Hilger Modern Contemporary, Vienna, Austria
                   Embedded Creation, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
                  Integration and Exhibition – A group Exhibit of Returning Overseas Artists,                      World Art Hall of China, Beijing 
                   Levels of Abstraction, Matthias Kuper Gallery, Beijing
                   Colors of gray, Matthias Kuper Gallery, Beijing 
                   Incubator, Lie Art Space, Beijing 
                   Cooperative Sysrem – A Collaborative Work with 15 Artists. White Box
                   Museum of Art.Beijing 
                   Our Earth, Guanghua Road No.5 Exhibition Hall,  Beijing 
                   Subjective Reality – FENG LIANGHONG, HU SHENGPING, YANG
                   LIMING Abstract Painting, Artmia Foundation Gallery, Beijing
                   Reshaping History: China Art from 2000 to 2009, CNCC, Beijing       
                   Spring Equinox, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing
                    Visual Experiment of Zhongyong. East link Gallery. Beijing
                    Art-China. Huantie Art Museum  Beijing 
                   China contemporary Art Exhibition from1949-2009. Beijing Hotel
                   Gallery Beijing 
                   From New York to Beijing – CHEN DANQING, MA KELU,
                   FENG LIANGHONG, Today Art Museum, Beijing      
                   Cross-Reference, Shuimu Art Space, Beijing
                   U.S and us – CHEN DANQING, MA KELU, FENG LIANGHONG, TRA
                   Gallery, Beijing
                    Global Roots: Chinese Artists in New York, Purdue University,
                    Indiana, USA
                    China Avant-garde, National Gallery, Beijing
                    Exhibition of six people’sabstract paintings,Fudan University