1991-1992 Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Paris
1978-1982 Sichuan Fine Art Academy
Working & Living Experience:
Sichuan , Tibet , Beijing , New York , Paris
1978-1982 A college student in Sichuan Fine Art Academy, after graduation
volunteered to work in Tibet in 1982 . To be a designer in the Exhibition Hall of the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Lasa until 1991. To explore in various
areas of Tibet during this period.
1983 Painting on the Roof of the Dazhao Temple during the SpringFestival .
Created oil paintings such as Baguo Street, Jokhang Temple, Lama and Sheep , Flying River, Food Ceremony on the Sky Funeral Table, Dalai Lotus Sutra of
the Wonderful Law and etc.
1984 Invited Mr. Ye Yongqing to Lasa to co-create wall paintings for
the newly-built bus station which is one of the supporting-Tibet projects. The frescos are named as the Tempatation of the Mount Gangdisi (3500cmX700
cm) and the Sichuan-Tibetan Highway (2700cmX700cm)
1984 Designed and planned the Profile of the Tibetan Autonomous Region
Exhibition in the Tibetan Revolutionary Exhibition Hall in Lasa.
1984 Commissioned by Architect Liu Jiakun , designed and created a wall
painting Blue Stars and the Qiang Horse (3500cmX500cm) for the Naqu      
Public Art Museum.
1985 To be invited by Rauschenberg to make Ad-designs for the World Circuit Show of Rauschenberg, the American artist in the Tibetan Revolutionary Exhibition Hall in Lasa. Created a series of oil paintings : Disciples of the Himalayas, A Yellow Dog and a Flock of White Sheep in Lasa Cultural Palace, Buddhist. . . and etc.
1987 Joined Tibetan Highland Artists Exhibition in the Working People’s
Cultural Palace in Beijing. Planned the Historical Antique Exhibition of Tibet in Beijing National Cultural Palace.
1988 Walking on foot along the Himalayas , the Mount Gangdisi, the Magical Lake and the Ghost Lake ; Completed a series of action art At Sea Level 8858 Hima-Langma.
Copied frescoes on the castle relics of the Aliguge Kingdom in July and
1989-1990 Oil painting series as Buddhist Chanting of Prayers Zhaibung,
Pictures of the action art At Sea Level 8858 Hima-Langma showed on
Contemparary Chinese Art Exhibition in China Art Musuem, Beijing.
Created oil paintings such as Tibetan Mastiff Guarding the Forbidden Mandala, Gorbachev‘s 1918, the Iraqis, the Americans and the Tibetans.
1991 Planned the Xisanhuan Document Show with Wang Lin in Chinese Painting Research Institute, Beijing.
1991-1994 Studying painting materials, techniques and skills at Pincas
Studio, State Fine Art Academy of Paris.
1993-1995 Within the 3 years , do the action art about Swastika respectively
in Paris and the Simatai Great Wall in Beijing three times.
1998 Back from New York to Paris, beginning to write the text of Swastika
Detection (text conceptual art – non-symbolic design – the archeology of the
future of mankind after the fifteenth century)
Brief Introduction about Exhibitions:


Aug. 2010 Start from Tibet Guanxiang Gallery, Taibei
Nov. 2008 Body. Sea Guanxiang Gallery, Beijing (Circuit Show in December,
Shanghai Dragon Art Organization)
Oct. 2007 The Mediterranean Exhibited at the Zhijingxuan Gallery, the East District, Chaochangdi, Beijing
Jan. 1998 Tunnel Sculpture Space Inc .Utica .New York , the
United States
Oct. 1995 White Kite on the Great Wall action art on the Simatai Great Wall,
Apr. 1994 SIGNE SOMBRE CHINE PROFONDE,Centre Culturel de la Maugerie,FRANCE
Nov. 1988 Buddhist Cloud Beijing Working People’s Cultural Palace, Beijing
Jun. 1982 Silence Sichuan Fine Art Academy, Chongqing
Beauty Without Beards, KWM Art Center, Beijing, China
Heating Tibet Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing
Asian Spirit Blue Sky:Environmental Balance and Change,
Mongol National Modern Art Museum, Ulan Bator
May 2010 Reshaping History__ China New Art 2000-2009 Exhibition, Beijing
Sept. 2009 Inlay Suzhou Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China
July 2009 Rubbish Chengdu, China
Tool Space, Chongqing, China
Nov. 2008 China Fantasy Found Museum, No. 1 Art Base, Beijing
May 2008 Origin Sculpture Exhibition, Moon River Art Museum, Beijing
Apr. 2008 Walking Ai Ge Gallery, Beijing
Jan. 2008 Wonderful Heart Triumph Art Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
Sept. 2007 Hi, Beijing 1918 Art Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
Aug. 2007 Transparent Chessboard Lasa Museum, Tibet
May 2007 Where Are They From? Where Are They Going? Who Are They
1918 Art Space, Shanghai
Mar. 2007 Start out from the Southwest Guangdong Art Museum
Sept. 2006 Moca Biennial Exhibition Shanghai Modern Art Museum
Oct. 2003 Change Direction Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing
Sept. 2003 Contemporary Chinese Artists Exhibition Gallery Cathay, Paris
Oct. 1999 Jeune Peinture . à l’Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
Oct.1997 Jeune Peinture . à l’Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
May.1996 Miniature Arte Viva Gallery , Paris
Jan 1995 Itinerary 95: Contemporary Chinese Art Levallois, France
June.1995 Contemporary Chinese Art Bicentenaire du Palais de la Bénédictine Fécamp, France
Oct.1994 Elvbator Cradle Performance on site, Polar Studio, Paris
Nov. 1993 1920 Elevator Performance on site, Polar Studio, Paris
1991 Documentary Exhibition at West Third Ring
Chinese Painting Research Institute in Beijing.
Feb.1989 China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition
China Art Gallery Beijing
Apr..1987 Tibetan Mountainous Artists Exhibition
Beijing Working People’s Cultural Palace
The Library of Peking University.
Jul. 1985 The 5th Tibetan Art Exhibition Tibetan Autonomous Region
Exhibition Hall , Lasa,
Award work: A Yellow Dog and a Flock of White Sheep in Lash Cultural Palace (oil painting)
 1983 Oil Painting Exhibition in Beijing By Sichuan Fine Art Academy
China Art Gallery, Beijing
1980 Young Artists’ Art Show
Sichuan Provincial Exhibition Hall , Chengdu
Award work: Totem – a Long History (oil painting)
Exhibited in Nationwide Young Artists Show
Comments on works:
2008 Body. Sea by Zhang Yuling
On the Way to Search_Preface on Li Xingjian’s works by Wang Lin
Kid Playing in the Sea by Christophe Comentale (art director of Paris
Anthropology Museum, France
2007 Return By Ye Yongqing
Spring Sprinkles by Fong Yingying
Basic Insight into Li Xinjian’s Paitings by Chao Xiao
Handshake Li Xinjian by Meng Liang
2006 Preface on the text of Swastika Detection — Questions on Li Xinjian’s
Swastika Plan by Hou Hanru
2006 Ni Xianting : Interview Script on Li Xinjian’s Swastika Text Art
1997 Signifigation Infinie by Francoise Monnin, art editor in chief for
the magazine Museum, France
1993 Swastika Contre Croix Gamme by M. T. Marek on Paris Pamphlet, France
1991 Rebel Brushes by Mark Graham on Sunday Morning, Hongkong
1987 True Pictures They Bring Us about the Roof of the World by Julian Baum on Christian Maxim, the U.S.
1998 Religious Art in Tibet Chongqing Publication House