Current Exhibiting

Dispel and Resetting 


Artists: Bai Jingsheng 

Duration: June 10th, 2018- July 22nd, 2018

Opening: 4PM, Sunday, June 10th, 2018


EGG Gallery is delighted to present a new body of works by Chinese artist Jingsheng Bai. In her first solo exhibition with the EGG Gallery in 2018, viewers are able to see how Bai uses her brush to records light, time and life in the abstraction of colors, lines, and patterns. Bai who born in the mid-fifties shows her love for painting since childhood. Although she is not good at words, she can express herself freely while she is painting.


Bai once said, “art dispels my cowardice. In my paintings, what I am seeking for is the stable overall form, which conveys a peaceful atmosphere through the combination of colors…”. For her, painting is a kind of spiritual practice. In that process, the negative emotions in the common life are calmed down and relieved. The works have their own self-examination. Therefore, she is more willing to call her work as “Log” which has her most true and prime vision and portrays the beauty that eventually settled after years’ lives.


The board brush moves on the canvas in a smooth manner. It is careful and sensitive. This method emphasizes the artist’s precise control towards colors. Lines not only record the elapsed time but also show the artist’s concentration and enthusiasm. Warm and cold tones are perfectly intertwined, demonstrating the fascinating brilliance of things over time and suggesting the calm feeling. Furthermore, the simplest line conveys the primitive sense of power, allowing people to perceive the firmness behind them while feeling the calm brought by colors.