Current Exhibiting

Ge Ziyu


Duration: August 26, 2018- October 7, 2018

Opening: August 26, 2018, Sunday, 4PM

Artist: Ge Ziyu


EGG Gallery is pleased to announce that Ge Ziyu's solo exhibition will open on August 26, 2018. This is the second solo exhibition taking place at EGG Gallery. 


Ge Ziyu is an artist that lives in beautiful Jiangnan. He likes to read about the path of Confucius and Mencius, practices various calligraphy, his wordage and behave as simple local intellectual. Judging by appearance, Ge Ziyu is in conflict with his works. These seemingly cold and industrial forms of work coincide with the minimalist monochrome paintings of the West. It seems that he is exploring the laws and attributes of color in the physical space, and the boundless fuzzy physical space and the boundary of the virtual space. Through the control of colors, contrasts lines, shapes, etc., the picture presents a visual illusion that is both flat and three-dimensional. However, in fact, the artistic conception and aesthetics of the beauty are in good agreement with the spiritual level of Ge Ziyu, that is, to stay away from the impetuousness and to find the essence of ethereal and traditional culture outside the world.