Current Exhibiting



Duration: 2019.05.11 - 2019.07.07

Opening: 2019.05.11,Saturday, 4 pm

Artist: Zhu Lan

‘I expect that Chinese ink could transcend its self-expression, to reach the state of freedom, individuality and contemporary.’

—— Zhu Lan


EGG Gallery is pleased to present artist Zhu Lan’s solo exhibition Slight from 11th of March 2019 to 7th of July 2019. This is the artist’s second solo exhibition at EGG following the 2017 exhibition East/West .


Understanding the word ‘slight’ as ‘tiny’ and ‘delicate’ in the Chinese context, Zhu Lan uses this word to describe the process of art creation. She believes that creating art is to feel the temperature, the sound and the flowing air, then to employ the perception to the expressions of art.


Musicality is behind Zhu Lan’s ink paintings, which reveals an instant and pure expression of her inner situation. To some extent, Zhu Lan’s paintings are reminiscent of Vasily Kandinsky’s juxtaposition of art and music – the rhythmic expression of the abstract geometric form in his paintings. 


The form is the carrier for Zhu Lan to express her inner feelings, spiritualities and rational thoughts. In her works, the visual expression of either a tiny ink spot or a simple brush line is based on the extension of her previous ink painting learning and the result of her life experience precipitation. Each piece of work showcases her experience at a particular stage.

Emily Zhou
May 2019