Current Exhibition
Summer Express
Summer Express
Artists: Ma Kelu、Cai Jin、Liang Hao、Zhang Ming
Exhibition Duration:7/13/2019 - 31/8/2019
Opening Time:10am - 6pm

EGG Gallery is delighted to present the joint exhibition of Summer Express by artists Ma Kelu, Cai Jin, Liang Hao, Zhang Ming on 13th of July to 31st Of August 2019.
All my Expressions of the world, art, literayure, music, love, kinship, life and death are in my works. ---Ma Kelu

I adora the mysterious and spreading sence permeated by water stains and mildew spots, an undefinable feeling to be experienced gradually, which turned out to be current "Landscape". --- Cai Jin

Sculpture is the existence of form in time and space, and the elevation of the impermanent dimension between heaven and earth creates even  better scenery. --- Liang Hao
An Encounter with nature, a place with natural oxygen, when you take a deep breath, the inner dust in your heart will be taken away. --- Zhang Ming