Polarised Gentlemen
Duration: 3.3.2019 - 23.4.2019
Opening:  3.3.2019,  Saturday 4pm
Artists:   Timothy Crowley & Charlie Dutton

EGG Gallery is pleased to present Polarised Gentlemen, a show by Tim Crowley and Charlie Dutton. The exhibition which includes around 50 artworks is from 3rd March to 23rd April. 


The exhibition presents works made over a number of years by both artists both in and outside of China exploring the relevance of abstraction in our age and the process of making.


Tim Crowley’s key concern is about time. How might an artist depict temporality? What are the methods and means for visually representing the notion and experience of time? He uses abstract painting and sculpture to involve time in various guises: distorted, delayed, real, subjective or frozen. The painted surface and design of each picture has often been repainted and redesigned multiple times over a long period, in some cases over 15 years and often worked on in different parts of the world. Often re stretched, resized and painted over, discarded and forgotten then rediscovered and reworked, each picture has a place of origin which usually starts with the purchase of the materials. The work at EGG uncovers the often precarious travel the paintings have endured and the various teething problems each work has gone through to arrive at where they are today. The different designs and materials utilised throughout the process have produced scars which expose the life of the paintings. Each work is titled with its GPS place origin as well as the duration of the making of the work. 

Charlie Dutton uses alternative photographic techniques and paint in his art practice and has exhibited in various shows in UK and China. Whilst China has provided his recent inspirations and attentions, his fundamental ideas are taken from non-visual orientation, perception and touching, and the related constructs of Phenomenology, such as human reactions to our surroundings and as he describes the "in-between senses”. Materials and the process of making work are central to Charlie's objectives. Whilst in Beijing Charlie has been developing new ideas with light sensitive materials such as Cyanotype, Chemigrams and Photograms; “I’m interested in how the art becomes physical as well as a poetic recorder for its surroundings. Cyanotype is UV sensitive paint which is exposed to the sun, so automatically the work becomes a heterogeneous part of our environment, as with colour and photosynthesis, or time and erosion in our landscape.”