Reproduction of the concrete
Duration: 12.09.2021 - 12.11.2021
Opening: 12.09.2021,  Sunday 3pm
Artists: Geng Yini,Fu Jingyan,Dai Zhou

Reproduction of theconcrete means a kind of re-creation of concrete. It is not satisfied with the concrete image itself, but extracts a new kind of image expression from the concrete image, and retains a strong reference to the real world. It keeps a certain distance from abstraction, but still maintains a kind of ambiguity, because it wants to realize a true complex state between reality and mind, which is difficult to describe in pure abstract language, although this state is often concrete and abstract. It sway between left and right.


This implies that people's mental activities are often outside of the concrete, but relies on the concrete, presenting a free state around the concrete, appearing in a fluid image form. It implies that the spirit is the flow of visual images as the basic carrier, and painting is to face this kind of spiritual activity. The existence of human beings is not an abstract concept, but is derived from thereal life of life. We are blended with the images of all things in the world, and the artist tries to express this "humanity" in his paintings. 


It forms a kind of re-creation, using images to express the more real "reality" behind it. It shows a kind of spiritual reality, twisted into an artist's refraction, and attached to the concrete elements. This is because the mysterious power that directly points to the depths of the human heart often draws on the unsimplified and elusive mysterious image behind the concrete image. There is no doubt that representation is the largest category in visual art, including countless sub-categories and genres, all-encompassing. However, every artist has his unique ability to re-create concrete figures. This uniqueness determines that an artist can never be completely classified. Because every artist, behind his concrete reconstruction, faces the most complex and real world of images. 


-Black Box