Current Exhibiting
付经岩《兔子与乌龟》 180cmx160cm 布面丙烯 2017

Fu Jingyan

1979 Born in wafangdian, Dalian, Liaoning

Now living and working in Shenyang, Liaoning

Solo Exhibition : 

2018 "Arrow Paradox", PlatformChina Contemporary Art Institute 

2015 "Inner Tank — Fu Jingyan Solo Exhibition", Platform China Contemporary Art Institute 

2013 "Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology, The Midas Touch – Fu Jingyan", Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Group Exhibitions

2020 The farm, chi 11 art space,Shenyang,China

2017 The jungle,III--- ordinary, PlatformChina Contemporary Art Institute

2016 Sullivan's attic,Miaoyou art

2016  expressionism---  in the Northeast, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

2015 Outside of spaceWORKJAM spaceBeijing

2015 Move jubileePlatformChina Contemporary Art Institute    

2015 The body of poetryBANK

2014 Paper show space station

2013 The jungle IIDiffuse form: relativityPlatformChina Contemporary Art Institute

2011 The second northern ShinkansenRed star gallery