Current Exhibiting
火烈鸟系列67x67cm 2022

Bai  Jingsheng
She was born in the 1950s and began to learn painting  from Jinshu Zhu and Kelu Ma in 1970s. Bai went to America in 1990 and created a lot of landscape and still-life paintings during that period and she came back to China in 2006 living in Beijing now and became a freelance artist.
2018  “Dispel and Resetting” - Bai Jingsheng Solo Exhibition, EGG Gallery, Beijing 
2016  “Spring Garden Diary”- Bai Jingsheng Recent Paintings 2014-15, PERMANENCE Gallery, Beijing 
2014  “Rainbow”- One Moon Art, Beijing 
2011  German Technology Group Art Exhibition, Germany 
2015  “The Concept of Five Exhibition” Qingdao Tong Space Art Center, Qingdao
2010  “Spring Equinox” Yuan Art Museum, Beijing 
2010  “Tian Jiang Xuan Wu” Beijing Fragrant Hill Art Museum, Beijing 
2008  “Across” Shuimu Contemporary Art Space, Beijing